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Workplace Injury | Occupational Illness | Traumatic Accidents | Repetitive Stress Injury

Under Pennsylvania law, when you have been hurt on the job, you have a right to pursue benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation program. Often, it may be your only recourse to recover for your losses. The workers’ compensation system can be complex and confusing—many legitimate claims are initially rejected. You want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

At B&D Law Group, in Chambersburg, we’ve fought for the rights of people in Pennsylvania since 1959, including individuals who have suffered an injury at work. Over the last five decades, we’ve helped more than 20,000 clients across the state. We understand that every injury is unique is different, so we’ll take the time to learn exactly what happened to you, so that we develop the most effective approach to get the benefits you deserve. We don’t consider any case too large or too small.

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Our Representation in Workplace Injury Claims

We protect the rights of injured workers throughout the workers’ compensation process. We’ll carefully gather, evaluate and preserve all evidence to support your claim, and we’ll help you prepare and file your application for benefits. We’ll advise you throughout the process, making certain you get the medical care you need. We’ll also be your voice in all hearings or meetings, including any appeals from the denial of a claim.

We handle all types of job-related injury claims, including cases involving:

  • Traumatic accidents in the workplace
  • Repetitive stress or motion injuries
  • Occupational illness or disease
  • Wrongful death in the workplace

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At B&D Law Group, in Chambersburg, we offer more than 55 years of hands-on legal experience to individuals and businesses throughout central Pennsylvania including Hamilton Heights, Stoufferstown, West Hamilton Heights, Red Bridge, Kensington Heights, Cheesetown, Guilford Springs, Aqua, Guilford Hills, Falling Spring, Woodstock, New Franklin, Scotland, Social Island, Turkeyfoot, Green Village and West Fayetteville.

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