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Employment Contract Negotiation Lawyers in Chambersburg, PA

Representing Employers and Employees | Negotiation, Review and Drafting of Written Employment Agreements

Proven-Employment-Contract-Negotiation-LawyersWhether you’re an employer or an employee, when you’ve decided to put an employment contract in place, it’s essential that you obtain legal counsel to negotiate the terms. An experienced lawyer will immediately understand the essential components of an effective agreement, and can recognize when a proposed contract is not in your best interests.

At B&D Law Group, in Chambersburg, we have more than five decades of experience providing effective legal counsel to individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania. Since 1959, we’ve guided more than 20,000 clients to successful outcomes. We take a highly personalized approach, acknowledging that every contract is unique and that every legal relationship is different. We’ll take the time to listen to the details of your situation, so we can help you craft the agreement that best meets your needs. We understand that, ultimately, what you need from your attorney is trust and communication. We built our practice by paying attention, by learning as much as we can about our clients, and by providing prompt and positive results.

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Our Representation in Employment Contract Negotiations

We’ll be your advocate throughout the contract negotiation process, acting as an intermediary whenever necessary. We’ll take the time before we initiate the negotiation process to learn exactly what you want and need in an employment contract. We will prepare proposed agreements for you, respond to any proposals submitted to you, review all proposed agreements and ultimately ensure that the document you sign is in your best interests.

We provide contract negotiation services to employees and employers in a broad range of industries and professions, from doctors, physicians and nurses to other professionals, as well a business and corporate executives.

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